2009 Grant

Renovation of Kindergarten and Funding for Computers, Ecuador

Inti Sisa (The Sunflower Centre) in Guamote, Ecuador is a community hub servicing the Kichwa, the indigenous people of the Andes. It conducts a kindergarten, vocational training, holiday seminars for teachers and a tourism hostel.

Inti Sisa was where the dream started and it is fitting that they received our inaugural grant, when we operated as Education for Ecuador. Inti Sisa was founded to improve the wellbeing of indigenous families and to improve the access of children to school. One of the main barriers to this is the children’s role as child-minders while their parents work in the fields.

By providing a kindergarten for pre-schoolers, two goals are achieved. Older children are freed to attend school in the mornings and the littlies are introduced early to educational activities. With the construction of a swimming pool in Guamote, they will also be taught to swim.



  • To renovate the kindergarten and install new flooring.

  • It assist the purchase of new computers for the computer lab.



  • The kindergarten was renovated as scheduled.

  • Children 4-6 have the chance of early childhood education that is crucial to later learning.

  • 15 computers were purchased to update the computer lab, which enable high school students to do their homework.

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