2011 Grants

Sewing Machines for Rural Women, Ecuador

Inti Sisa is a non-government organisation operating in Guamote, a regional hub in Ecuador. Inti Sisa runs a kindergarten, a hostel for trekkers, and a community centre with coaching for Kichwa speaking students, who have also to learn Spanish as the national language in school. They also provide skills training in hospitality and sewing at twice-weekly classes



  • To provide Inti Sisa with four extra sewing machines.

  • To permit the centre to run increases the number women able to attend.

  • To allow greater access to machines so that classes run more efficiently.

  • To enable women to make clothes for their family.

  • To generate income sewing for others in the community and the tourist trade.


We are particularly excited about this grant, as it is the first time that Inti Sisa Ecuador has applied for a grant on its own behalf.

Renovate and Equip a Classroom for Women on Remand and in Protective Custody, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Haven and Sunshine House (run by the Salvation Army) provides a place for women and children, who are victims of abuse or human trafficking, as well as women awaiting trial, while they wait for their cases to be heard. This process can sometimes take upto 6 years and whatever the outcome of their court cases, they cannot return home again.



  • To enable women to end the poverty cycle by:

  • Building a classroom within the Remand Centres to provide academic and vocational training.

  • Enabling young women to become literate in their own language.

  • Enabling young women to learn English. Paying the salary of a trained English teacher for 12 months. Purchasing 30 desks and chairs, and provided books and stationery. Speaking English will enable the women to apply for work in hospitality and retail in Colombo and offer a basis for furthering their education.



  • The classroom has been renovated

  • Furniture and resources were purchased.

  • The centre was now able to conduct classes in

- English

- Sinhala

- Mathematics

- Science

- History

- Religion

- Craft making

- Jewelry Making

- Computer literacy

- Reading

- Studies

“The girls at the home are now using this resource with great contentment and treasure them. Most of the girls never had the opportunity to use desks on their own. Mrs Rita ‘Mum’ Welter, had recognized the needs in a most compassionate way with passion and vision for (girls) to give better life tomorrow and directed us to the Sunflower Foundation to request funding. The provision of these resources has opened more doors and helped to expand the vision of the Haven and Sunshine home.”

From Miss Dadanu

“I am16 years old and came to The Haven in 2010 September. I was abused by my father and had a baby. After I came to The Salvation Army Haven Home I felt the need to continue my education. My aim is to continue my studies and site for O/L exam and then find a good job. I am so grateful to the Sunflower Foundation for providing us with desks. We had many struggles and difficulties to continue our studies without desks. Now I can continue my O/L classes, Bead Making classes, Nettings classes and Computer classes comfortably because of your support. We find it very useful, especially to carry out our O/L classes without any problems. We had the fear that we might not able to use desk, but there is no fear anymore. We are so thankful to you again.”

From Miss Ishara

“I am 17 years old and came to The Haven in June 2011. I have no family to turn to after I get discharged from the Haven Home. My aim is to find a good job and do well in life. I am learning many things at this place. I pay my sincere tribute and appreciation to your organization for providing us desks and screen partitions. Because of your thoughtfulness, we can continue our education comfortably now. We value and treasure them. We can do many things now. Girls are very happily continuing their education. We are so thankful to you. We wish you very best and may God bless you!”

From Miss Vasana

“I am 16 years old and had a baby. I lost my education due to the pregnancy. I came to the Haven in 2011 and I have a vision to continue my education and do a good job. I am happy and thankful to Rita ‘mum’ and you for providing desks for our Haven home. Many activities and programmes are taking place in our home. We faced many difficulties during those programmes due to the lack of facilities. Because we received desks, we can carry out studies more effectively and it has enlightened our future. I am very grateful to you all.”

Heritage Experience for Dubbo Aboriginal Girls Circle, Australia  

We assisted NAPCAN, Dubbo, NSW with funding for this project. Twelve girls are participating in an indigenous history project to explore the questions “Who am I as a young aboriginal woman and what mobs make up the Dubbo community?” These girls are a risk of dropping out of school, and most of them knew nothing about their culture.



  • To instil a sense of pride in their heritage.

  • To acquire social skills to enable them to flourish.

  • To keep the girls in school.



  • Workshops with Dr. Sue Roffey (an expert in emotional literacy).

  • Lessons on Indigenous Australian culture from women elders.

  • Workshops with indigenous journalists to explore their questions and learn about the history of their home community.

  • Production of a video detailing what they had learned about their culture and particularly, the culture and history of the ‘Dubbo Mob”.

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