2013 Grants

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Village Tuition Centre and Livestock Program funded in Paravour, Chennai, India

Once again we partnered with El Shaddai Ministries Trust to establish a tuition centre for tribal Dalit girls 130 km south of Chennai in India. Although these girls have access to primary education, their first language is Tamil, whereas schools use Hindi and English, the national languages. Not only do girls face discrimination because of their gender, caste, and poverty, but also they struggle with Hindi and so fall behind and often drop out. The first centre in Paravour is well established and the impact is demonstrable in the number of children attending school, the improvement in their academic marks and the large increase in maternal incomes. Now we are expanding the program into a second village:

  • To provide a tuition centre for Dalit children where qualified teachers will run the evening school providing homework assistance and tuition in Hindi.

  • To equip children with books, schoolbags and educational resources.

  • To provide twenty-five goats to the poorest women.

  • To provide every village family with a goat through with breeding, eventually all the women in the community will own at least with a goat, though with breeding.

  • To provide the income to enable girls to continue their education.



  • Drop out rates now zero.

  • School marks markedly improved.

  • Girls avoiding child marriage.

  • Maternal incomes doubled.

The AIDS Orphans and Rescue Program (TAORP), in Jinja province, Uganda

TAORP is a grass roots organization that supports education infrastructure, a Forum for Women in Democracy, plus agricultural and health programs. Together we provide a Rural Education Certificate program for young women teachers, who often enter the profession straight from high school, without any teacher training whatsoever. A resource centre central to a group of rural schools will be established for professional development. Preschool and primary teachers between 18 and 25 will enrol in a Rural Education Certificate (REC), with four key objectives:

  1. Improve the quality of education in Jinja province.

  2. Enable unqualified teachers to complete professional studies in a government-recognised institution whilst teaching in rural schools.

  3. Enable the development of IT skills for rural teachers.

  4. Increase the number of professional teachers in rural Uganda Support the educational development of women and girls.

The course is created and audited by the University of Kyambogo, which will grant the Rural Teacher Education Certificates to graduates.



  • Servers, monitors and all necessary peripherals were funded.

  • Seventy-five students enrolled.

  • A computer instructor was hired.

  • No students graduated in one year as hoped for. Fifteen computers were too few for so many students to gain adequate access out of school hours.

  • Future intakes will be limited to 30.


In Uganda, the disabled are still ‘something’ to be hidden at home, where children are often kept in backyards because they are perceived as a curse and a liability. As they grow older, these isolated women are easy prey for the unscrupulous. Often, they become pregnant with no chance of marriage. With a child to support, they have little experience beyond the home and no education or vocational training. Our partnership with Friends of Women with Disabilities (FWD), Uganda will provide vocational training centres that will provide four-month training courses in computer skills, arts and crafts, and tailoring.

  • Twenty-five households will become self-supporting.

  • Participants will be taught about immunization.

  • Participants to receive healthcare including counselling, family planning and HIV/AIDS awareness.

  • FWD to explore potential markets, such as the provision of school uniforms that will allow disabled women the opportunity to increase their income and savings in a sustainable way.

  • A tailoring school was opened and equipped

  • Fifteen households received resources at an average of five products

  • Twelve disabled women’s household had school children who benefitted from the program.

  • The centre has supplied school uniforms to two neighbouring schools

  • Eleven households showed evidence of skills sharing

  • Group well-being indicators were positive.


Beneficiaries were so eager to learn and adapt knowledge in the design and creation of clothing that their output was well above the expected goal [of one new tailoring design from each woman], as well as the women developing insights for sustainable incomes.


  • Primary Teacher Education Centre, Uganda

  • Disabled Women Become Self-supporting in Uganda

Centro Educativo Inti Sisa CEDIS, Ecuador
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We have partnered with Centro Educativo Inti Sisa CEDIS, Ecuador (Inti Sisa) since the inception of the Foundation, and we are delighted to continue that partnership in 2013, although on a smaller basis. Last year we established regional sewing centres in the Andes, located around the regional town of Guamote. This year we are funding advanced classes in tailoring and casual fashion to enable girls and women to sew for the markets, both domestic and tourist.


Due to bureaucratic difficulties, this grant was returned while Inti Sisa renewed its NGO status in a context where the government policy was in flux. Such situations do occur in developing countries and it is something that cannot be foreseen if governments change quickly.

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