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Pass the Mic! in Kibera, Kenya

In partnership with The Sunflower Kenya

As of 2018, our intention is to fund longer term programs which will have a greater impact. We will work with The Sunflower Kenya on the Pass the Mic! Literacy, Arts and Technology Program in Kibera, Kenya, until 2021.

The project


We need your help to change the lives of over 160 Kenyan girls living in Kibera slums. By providing girls with a safe environment in which to learn, the Pass the Mic project intends to give a voice to those who have none. This is why this project targets the most vulnerable girls: the ones that have been let down by the education system. Our goal is to help them gain literacy and leadership skills, while creating magazines and comic books that will be distributed throughout Kibera and sold in Nairobi.​ 

The Challenge


Unfortunately, in Kenya, the majority of sponsorship programs target the best students. Though understandable, this means that girls who have performed poorly in school, often through no fault of their own, are more likely to find child marriage, prostitution or sexual exploitation because these are the only  options. Because we value the potential of every girl, Pass the Mic! will give these girls a chance in life. By recruiting those students abandoned by the school system, we intend to resolve the economical and social security issues women and child face at their roots.  

Our Response


Over this three years program, 160 girls will take intensive literacy and technology classes, culminating in the Pass the Mic book publishing project. These books will be distributed in partner schools and will reach over 500 students. They will also be sold in Nairobi to generate funding to make this program self-sustainable in the long term. Our project not only contributes to increased safety for our girls by providing them with a safe environment and secure future, but it raises their status in the community. 

Our impact


By giving options to those who have none, Pass the Mic empowers young female leaders to become change agents in their community. For the first 160 girls who will directly benefit from the project, and for all those to come, it means avoiding child marriage, sexual violence, teen pregnancy and prostitution. With the skills gained in the program, they will secure a safe future for themselves, and by spreading their knowledge and books they will contribute to improving women’s situation in Kibera. 

To discover more about this project, please see our detailed description documentation:

How can you help us? 

Will allow one student to go on a field trip once a semester

Will provide literacy resources and art supplies

Enables one student to participate in the project

Chose your favorite way to donate! If you are not a PayPal fan, we are also on Global Giving. 

"I felt stupid, useless... like I didn't know anything"

Nifa, 10 years old

Nifa lives with her father and brothers in Kibera, Kenya, one of the largest informal settlements in East Africa. An outgoing student, Nifa likes to jumprope, tell jokes, and play football. And now, thanks to her enrollment in Sunflower's Pathways to Alternative Learning and Education (PALE) program, Nifa loves to read.

Three months ago, Nifa was functionally illiterate. Her poor reading skills affected her education, her future plans and more importantly her self-esteem. Today, she is a voracious reader with an apettite for knowledge, who dreams of becoming a teacher or headmistress.  Her parents and teachers also report that today, Nifa is more outgoing, confident and engaged in class.

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