The Sunflower Foundation (Australia) Inc. is changing its grant policy. Now that we have an established presence in the NFP landscape and we can be sure that we have the financial resources, we are moving from one year grants of $5000.00 to 3 year grants worth $5000 annually. Usually, applications will be solicited from partners with a proven track record. However, we are not closing our doors to other opportunities for worthwhile projects.


Applications must be on our Application Form and follow our Guidelines. The two are integrated into one document.  Currently, both are being reviewed and no applications will be accepted until they are available. 

Evaluation of Applications

  • The organisation must be a registered charity in its home country

  • The proposal must demonstrate value for money

  • It must be compatible with our values and mission

  • The organisation must prove capacity to administer the project

  • Excellent and appropriate measurement and evaluation of impact must be included

  • The budget must be detailed and justify each item of expenditure

Applications must be submitted by email to

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