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Dear United Nations, what were you thinking?

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Thanks to our guest blogger, Jane Holt.

Dear United Nations,

Your appointment of Wonder Woman as an ambassador to "empower" women and girls is a damning indictment of your commitment to making change. Your previous campaign asked us to tell you what we want, "what [we] really, really want". And we did. We said we'd like a female head of the UN, please, We said we want education for girls, please. We said we want an end to child marriages, please. We said we want women to have the vote everywhere, please. We said we want equal pay for women, please. We said we want real change, please. And you gave us Wonder Woman?!? In return, you said be placated with a fictional character. You said we don't really care what women want. You said you don't value the experience and feedback of your own cadre of female staffers, 1000 strong, who protested this inane appointment. You said you didn't really mean it when you asked us to tell you what we want. Now that you've had your little joke, why don't you bring out a real ambassador for change. Give us a woman like Elizabeth Warren, who works for positive change for women everyday. Give us a woman like my mother, who runs a foundation to change the lives of women and girls through education. Give us a woman like Angela Merkel, who love her or loathe her, stood up for human rights and what was right in the middle of a humanitarian crisis. Give us Malala who survived trauma and prejudice to be a proud example of educated girlhood. Give us a woman who is smart and strong and, most importantly, real. Give us a woman that our girls can actually grow up to be like - because she's smart, and articulate, and educated, and funny, and emotionally intelligent. We don't need wrist bands and an invisible plane to be bullet proof. We need confidence, and self esteem, and a genuine example to follow. Give us that if you really want to change the world.


Disappointed and Disgruntled Woman, Mother, Daughter


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