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Seeds of Hope

As we are kicking off a new website in a new year, I thought it would be good to remind ourselves of why we bother. Why do we spend so much of our retirement running a charity? Why do Committee members commit to meetings? Why do people bother to donate or support us in some other way?

It's because when we fund an education project for girls and young women, we are not just teaching them something, but sowing seeds of hope for their futures, their families and their communities. Education is a long term project, we have to wait years for the ultimate payoff. But none of us would pull our own children out of school because of that. Rather, we teach them it is an investment in their future.

Three years funding of teacher training in Uganda has seen 42 young women qualified as teachers, and some are now training other teachers in computer literacy. They are networking schools to share resources and support. They are identifying girls at risk of dropping out of school due to illegal child marriage, rape, teen pregnancy and violence.

Then there is the long term. Forty classrooms with properly trained teachers and thirty more being trained each year. Generations of children being better taught. Our donors and supporters have helped create this amazing ripple effect that will flow through society. What an achievement. Seeing education, work opportunities, good health flourish because we funded a Rural Education Centre in Jinja Province in Uganda.

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