2018 Pass the Mic


The Literacy Garden (Kisumu, Kenya)

A partnership with the Riley Orton Foundation

As of 2018, our intention is to fund longer term programs which will have a greater impact.  We will work with the Riley Orton Foundation on the Literacy Garden in Kisumu, Kenya until 2021.

The Challenge: to overcome the hurdles facing poor rural girls, who are at risk of dropping out of school by addressing gender discrimination, inspiring them with confidence in their ability to create, and providing clean water. The aim of the project is developing the knowledge, skills and talents of marginalized rural girls and children to promote literacy, food security, environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyle and nutrition through establishing a literate environment for girls and children in a farm setting in South West Kisumu Kenya.

Our Response: to provide a safe space for girls to improve their literacy skills, to provide a source of clean water so they don't have to walk miles each day, to teach them how to grow food sustainably and to provide them with the requirements they need for school. There will be an amphitheatre for group discussions, a writing competition and solar energy to power small tablets for the girls to use to read and write their own stories. 

Our Impact: The project will reach 500 girls from five neighbouring schools. and directly affect 200 families. In addition, with girls writing stories for their peers, their e-books will supply a crying need in Kenya. In the second and third years, scholarships to secondary school will be available for girls who show their capacity for academic achievement. 

If you want to know more about this project, click below for the detailed proposal! And if you like what you read, please support us with a donation via our PayPal button o.

The Literacy Garden, Kenya

Detailed Proposal

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