Since our inception we have awarded $150,000 for 26 projects in 7 countries that have reached thousands of girls in developing countries.


Our projects have included:

  • Academic tuition,

  • Sewing and Tailoring Centres,

  • Teacher education,

  • Heritage education for Australian Indigenous girls,

  • Vocational training for disabled women,

  • Girls’ Empowerment Programs,

  • Programs to overcome the hurdles to girls’ education: gender discrimination, poverty, child marriage and abuse.

Why Girls?

Educating girls is the fastest way to grow the GDP. Not just because women are earning more, but because they spend 90% of their income on their family - men typically spend 30-40%. Education can double womens' incomes as we've seen in Nullavour and Paravour. It saves lives. It diminishes the risk of intimate partner violence. It educates the next generation. It changes lives.


Education for girls tackles poverty at its roots.

Literacy is the Buzz Word for 2018

Two new projects for 2018 are both literacy programs for girls. The first is a Literacy Garden is for 500 schoolgirls in the region of Kisumu,not far from the slums of Obambo, Kenya, near Akili School for Girls and Maendaleo  Community Hub, which we have supported in past years. The second is the Pass the Mic Literacy, Art and Technology project is located in the huge urban slum of Kibera, also in Kenya. Both will motivate girls to learn to read by giving them access to technology and helping them to create books and comics in their own language. These will not only  build the girls' confidence and status as leaders in their communities as they improve their literacy skills, but will provide much needed reading material for local children.


Literacy Garden, our major project, is very ambitious. It will include a bore well, that will provide clean cheap water not only the schoolgirls and the garden, but the community in the Obambo slums. To build the garden, drill the well, set up solar panels and purchase educational requirements will cost AUD$50,000, and then AUD$50,000 in two subsequent years to provide scholarships to secondary schools and colleges. 

The Pass the Mic Literacy, Art and Technology Program is a smaller project costed at AUD$5000 annually for three years.  Its goal is to train young girls in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya in comprehensive literacy, art and technology while publishing culturally relevant books, comic books and magazines that will be distributed throughout the entire community, as well as sold in Nairobi to generate income for the organization. 

Our Previous Projects ​

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